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Peace Region Songwriters Association

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Peace Region Songwriters Association
1. The name of the society is Peace Region Songwriters Association.
2. The purpose of the society is
“To promote, support, and encourage the songwriters of the Peace Region to develop and market their creative talent”
This would be achieved by:
1. Offering regular meetings and events where songwriters will receive opportunities for:
A) Peer support and mentoring
B) Education and training
C) Performance
D) Networking with other songwriters, artists and their community
2. Connecting with Peace Region communities through:
A) Public performances which would:
1. provide affordable cultural opportunities for local communities
2. foster community pride in local talent
3. raise funds for community organizations as well as the society
B) Regular newspaper columns to raise awareness of local talent and to encourage community members to explore their creative potential
C) Networking with songwriters in various communities throughout the Peace Region, thus expanding each community’s ability to support and enjoy local talent
D) Maintaining a website dedicated to raising awareness of local talent and offering artistic educational material and links
 The proposition being, that by fostering a strong songwriting community throughout the Peace Region, writers who often face the challenge of writing in isolation can find support, educational opportunities, and performance opportunities that will benefit not only themselves but their respective communities, region and province.