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Peace Region Songwriters Association

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Peace Region

Member Bios

Janina Carlstad


Janina playing her cedar wood flute at the opening of the Pioneer Village, Dawson Creek, BC in June of 07
Janina Carlstad, originally from Edmonton, Alberta, is a poet who has lived in the Peace Country for almost 20 years.  Inspired by the beauty, challenges, and wonders of the land and people of the area (and the world), her poetry contains colourful images and descriptions of life around her.  Janina’s motto is “Be the Change You Wish to See In the World”(Gandhi), is a guiding force behind much of her work in the education field.  Janina particularly enjoys helping young people celebrate life through music and the arts.  Career highlights in this area include a computer generated CD entitled “Share the Peace”, developed by students of Bear Canyon School, AB, and song-writing, music, and performance with the junior high band, D6 (Diversified Six), in Menno Simons School. Janina joins the Peace River Songwriters’ Association to further her poetry writing and with the hope of learning much more about music and song.
Dori Braun


One of the founding members of the songwriters group, Dori is a popular local singer/songwriter. Her 'Prairie Jazz' sound and intelligent lyrics make her a unique and special talent. She is also an extremely gifted artist, potter and poet. Her CD "This Chill" is on sale at Under the Willow (Dawson Creek) or at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.
Dori playing at a PRSA concert promo event at the Dawson Mall 2006
Kjetil Landsgard


Kjetil playing at Pouce Coupe Canada Day Celebrations July 07

Kjetil was born in Norway, taking interest in music at an early age... Musical influences helping form the musician he is today were Ugly Kid Joe, Roxette, Bruce Springsteen, and COC.  Unfortunately for his mother's ears, Kjetil fell in love with the distortions of the electric guitar and that force has been present in most of his musical production ever since. Back in Canada, Kjetil jammed with musicians through high school and started writing songs when he was fifteen.  He started his first serious band when he was twenty-three.  No Ones Alone was a five-piece hard rock band starting out with a catalogue of Kjetil's songs and then evolving into collaborative writing with the band.  Two years into that band, Kjetil formed a solo project called Landsgard into which he continues to feed new material of both the hard rock and folk genres.

Bill Studley


Bill entertaining at the Pouce Coupe Canada Day Celebrations 07
Born and raised in the Peace River country, Bill Studley has been performing and writing for many years. His songs tell real stories in true country and western style, and his humourous songs are always in demand at any venue. He also writes cowboy poetry and  co-writes songs with his partner Linda Connell Studley.

Linda Connell Studley


Linda performing at "Jam at the Dam" in Hudson Hope, BC, 2007
Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Linda has lived, since then, in Vancouver, in northern British Columbia, In southern Alberta, in the Okanagan and back again to northern BC. She has played country dances and music festivals, bars and benefits, on the CBC and at her friend’s tea house in downtown Dawson Creek. She has musically wandered from traditional/folk music to rock and roll to country but has always returned to the traditional music she grew to love while living ‘Back East’. She co-writes songs with her partner Bill, writes poetry, draws, paints and enjoys photography and creating digital artwork.

Wayne Ezeard


Originally from the Muskoka Lakes, and Halliburton Highlands in Ontario, Wayne has made his home in the Dawson Creek area for over 30 years. He likes to describes himself as entertainer, poet and writer, who is constantly searching to expand his horizons. Wayne is a published author who was the recipient of the Editor’s choice award from the National Poets Guild of America. More recently, one of Wayne’s original compositions  won the Dawson Creek 50th Anniversary song writing competition.


"It's a Crazy World" is available in Dawson Creek at 'Under the Willow' and at the Art Gallery. Or click here to email Wayne.

Wayne performs at the Dawson Creek Bluegrass Festival alternate stage 2004

Barb Munro


From an early age, singing and performing has been a major part of Barb’s life. High school musicals, drama festivals and talent shows have left lots of fond memories. After graduation Barb received professional vocal training in Calgary. She has recorded an albums of original gospel songs, “That was Yesterday” and years later a “Christmas Album”. Over the years Barb has participated in various musical groups and performed as a children’s entertainer with the “Rainbow Band” at festivals and  local schools. Currently, Barb is a Learning Assistance Aide. Barb enjoys participating in Praise and Worship music with her church and community, and belongs to the Peace Region Songwriters Association.
Barb at the Pouce Coupe Canada Day Celebration, 2007

Ian Smith


It's been said that success in life comes mainly from choosing your parents wisely and Ian seems to have done a good job at picking a couple who gifted him with a love of music. Born in the small town of Montreal before he had any choice in the matter, he managed to move the family to Whitehorse before any permanent damage was done. His earliest musical memories are of hearing his folks singing, his dad's Chet Atkins records (which he still has) and the theme to "The Bridge on the River Kwai" on the radio. It just goes to show how lasting our early influences can be.
Since then it's been a life lived from one end of the country to the other with music wrapped around it all - marching bands, Broadway-style musicals, coffee houses, living rooms and kitchens, as well as exploring the realm of acoustic wallpaper. Now residing in the suburbs of Chetwynd, it all feels to Ian as if its coming together nicely (although there aren't enough hours in the day to play as much as he'd like) and he's still managing to have fun with it after all this time. Fortunately, there are more tunes to play and many more folks to play with - life is good.
Ian performing at a Concert Promo at the Dawson Mall 2006